Project One: A BumperCar Game

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Project One: A BumperCar Game (Win/Mac)

We loved to play Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 – BumperCars. That’s why we wanted to bring this mini game to life for Win and Mac – but with some special features. Over time we will show new content, ideas and progress in our posts and we’ll gather all info right here on this page.

Release plan

Since Corona destroyed our time tables we stopped development temporarily. Here you can download our current pre alpha prototype (octobre 2022) here:

Game Play

Choose a driver, grab a bumper car and smash all enemies off the track to win. Currently you’ll control the game using WASD to move forward and rotate. Have an eye on your opponents, because they’ll try to ramm you, laughing about the smashing sound, while you’re losing control and slide along until your movement stops. Bad luck if you stop in the emptyness of space – then you’re falling down in damnation… but luckily you’ll respawn a few seconds later to take revenge. For all kicked enemies you’ll get some points – even if you don’t throw them off the track.

And now concentrate and lemme smash your bumper car…


At this moment drivers are nothing else then skins (this topic is about to change in the future).

Here are our current drivers:

Crashtest Dummy
Our first driver is – obviously – a crashtest dummy. An average driver. Nothing special about him, but easy to handle- a good starting point to become a master of the ultimate master and torturer of engines with powers that … ahem, ok i think you got it 😉

More drivers coming soon…


Vehicles have several attributes, which modify the controllability:

  • Speed: Maximum speed and with that maximum crash energy for your opponents.
  • Acceleration: Speed up – the higher the faster you’ll reach your maximum speed.
  • Rotation: A high value allows a fast rotation.
  • Weight: Weight reduces your acceleration, but extends your crash energy.

Color of our Vehicles is dependend on it’s starting position. This may change in the near future.

Available vehicles:

This vehicle is the default car with average values.

More vehicles coming soon…


Arenas are our crash derby areas.

Available Arenas:

Terra Trainee Platform
It has to start somewhere and it has to start somehow – this arena is for noobs and trainees. But you have to start in humility against some rookies to catch up to the smash mastership and gain entry to the tournaments.


… to help us with your ideas, feedback or as playtesters and stay up to date with us.